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All in all, we’re thrilled with the cellular shades Comfortex offers. Not only is the quality impressive, but the ability to choose from over 800 colors is fantastic. Best of all, we now have peace of mind knowing we’ve installed a product that poses no risk to our inquisitive and exploring daughter. These shades certainly get mommy’s stamp of approval!


SlumberShades have made a world of difference in my husband’s ability to sleep soundly during the day. They are by far the best blackout shades you can have in your home!


Trust me, once you see the quality and the fabrics you are going to love this product [Color Lux] … I am beyond happy with the result of this entire process!

L. Leigh

Designing with the Color Lux program was truly inspirational.

R. Reid

We had several blinds custom made for our home and they look stunning as well as fit and work properly.

L. Tibbits

Color is my thing, so I love [Color Lux].

Mary N.

[Color Lux] gives you the ability to tweak a white a certain way and match it up to different paint colors and really hit it spot on.”

Mark J.

It's hard to get a correct match in different color hues; with Color Lux, there are no mistakes.

Mary L.

It's limitless what you can do with Color Lux. There's nothing negative about it, as far as I'm concerned.

Stuart B.

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